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  • savage_heart@livejournal.com
This live journal is for Fight-with-a-Savage-Heart, my Garou Character played in Runnymede Cam UK.
The premise of this LJ is as follows:
- Posts titled 'At the Cairn' can be commented on by those also at the Cairn.
- Posts with down times and things will be private/friends only and OOC information only, if you are able to see them.

So basically this is a combination of 'See Savage Heart and talk to her in person' or 'this is not in person so out of character information only'.

Fights with a Savage Heart (Aka Bethesda)
Sept member of Twisting / Winding Thorns
Pack Alpha of Silent Wings
Homid, Fostern, Ahroun, Fianna

- Update: As of 06-Mar-05 this game ended within Runnymede, and worldwide as of 02-03 April.

Just in case you know nothing about the Cam:

- The Camarillais the official fan club of White Wolf.
- Camarilla: UK is the web site for the UK affiliate.
- Runnymede Camarilla is the web site for the Runnymede Venue within the UK.

Disclaimer: This journal and all information contained within relates to a role-playing game. It is not real, it is make-believe for grown ups.
I DO NOT believe I really am a werewolf, nor do I believe I am a Vampire (nor any of the other beings/creatures I roleplay). Please accept that I am pretending.
All specific terms are copyright of White Wolf - Fights-with-a-Savage-Heart just lives in their world.
All comments refering to real life people, places, events and companies are makebelieve references to add a little spice to the makebelive world and are not a reflection of what I really think about real life.
Trolls will be ridiculed and ignored in Real Life.
Trolls will be slow roasted and eaten in my imagination for they are small and crunchy.