savage_heart (savage_heart) wrote,

Moot (June Game) - Ask and you will receive this information

There were few of us this month - 2 visitors only and 7 locals.

Short of it:
Black Unicorn told us off for not careing for those that died - must do rite of contrition and rememberance for them.

Speaks with soft heart (Morris) challenged me as Alpha. Master of Challenges [aka themadone] declared the best of 3 chess games to be adequate for a challenge based on my tacktics.

erm, Morris won 2/3. He is now Alpha.

Fights with Thought then challenged him: Best of 3 chess games. Morris won the first 2.

I am now Warden and Keeper of the Borne (sp?) of Winding Thorns.

Beta is yet to be decided. Other positions remain the same.
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