savage_heart (savage_heart) wrote,

March Meet

Some of the Fire Spirit's followers, and my friends, were kidnapped. So we went to help - sort of had to, they were going to start killing them if I didn't turn up with my 'friends'. Fvk. So we left the Caern guarded and went. Now how do you spell trap again???

Oh, yes, Sliver wire, silver nitrate in the gas, fomori special services types with silver bullets and green acid blood, um, any more ways?

Sigh. we got them out - most of them, and left them on the lawn, ran & phoned the cops.

Silver! Ugh!

Once clean - I did my fostern challenge before some of my Sept. Sept Alpha and Cliath is not a good combination. It would have been good if others had been present, but they were not. It would have been good if I could have been challenged by Arhoun, Fienna, Homid, Fostern - but my Cairn is vulnerable and I do not go far. Few such come. So the Master of Challenges set me the task to make my way around the outside of my Cairn, my responsibility, within 1 minute. I did so, without damage to the bushes, without sidestepping or cutting a pace off my line.
I am Fostern.
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